Join our freelancing community of women entrepreneurs in portugal

Connect with other women on our co-working "independent" retreat to Lisbon

Take a two week trip with your host Carol 

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The journey



Do you love embracing life in different locations

Have you been wanting to try the "nomadic" lifestyle

A desire to grow personally while travelling independently, exploring and gaining your inner confidence

Like to have the opportunity to network with a new tribe of people

Do not want to travel completely alone and let someone else take care of the local logistics

Want to have the experience of living like a local

Take some time to focus on your dreams and goals, personal or for your business?

Then let's check this off your bucket list and join us for an experience you will not  forget!

Find out more

Follow your passion and create a global life for yourself


Let's be inspired by each other, discover a new community, experience working and living in this vibrant city of Lisbon. 


Spend your days getting to know more about living life abroad. 

Co-working spaces will be provided along with daily activities to connect with each other. 

There will be plenty of time to explore  Lisbon along with optional experiences, like visiting Porto.

Come and discover the joy and freedom of a nomadic lifestyle for two weeks.

What's happening during our two weeks?


Weekly access to co-working spaces in Lisbon to work on your business or personal projects.

Lots of fun activities to learn new skills, attend workshops and experience the city of Lisbon.

 Friday brainstorming and skill sharing sessions, let's share our ideas with each other and gain a new perspective for our projects.  

We encourage women to join us who would love to network and travel with like-minded adventurous people, experience a taste of the travelling digital lifestyle and be willing to contribute positive  inspiration to our small community of travelers.

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Coworking Retreat Destinations in portugal

Lisbon with optional 3 day trip to Porto, Portugal

Lisbon Portugal travel digital nomad

Retreat dates 11 - 25 May 2019

Early Bird pricing VALID until January 31st $1975

From February 1st $2275

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Lisbon with optional 4 day trip to the Algarve


September/October 2019

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