Do you love to travel, and would like to be PART OF A coworking community

Creative work retreats for women freelancers in shared workspaces / coworking in Lisbon

5 - 19 OCTOBER, 2019

DESTINATION coworking retreats - inspiration to focus on your goals

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  • Do you enjoy independent travel and living an adventurous life, but would like having a supportive community of business women with you?

  • Does European culture, food and experiences excite you?

  • Have you been wanting to try the freelance digital lifestyle in a new location?

  • Do you want to contribute and network with a new tribe of people?

  • Would you like to  experience  living like a local in Portugal?

  • Are you ready to take some time to focus on your dreams and goals, personal or for your business?

Then let's check this off your bucket list and join us for an experience you will not  forget!


  • You are looking for an organised vacation in Portugal.

  • You are not comfortable traveling on your own and making  decisions that suit your plans for your time abroad.

  • You do not have any projects, personal or business to focus on - we will be spending time in co-working spaces, along with structured business events.

  • You are expecting a planned retreat with events and meals  24/7.

  • You are not comfortable exploring your surroundings solo. travelling women's retreat

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Follow your passion and create a global life for yourself


  • Let's be inspired by each other, discover and meet people from the local community, experience working and living in this vibrant city of Lisbon. 

  • Spend some time getting to know more about living life abroad. 

  • Are you a business coach, an IT specialist,  a marketing specialist, a consultant, a branding specialist, a designer, an author,  a social media strategist?

  • Can you grow and expand your business from anywhere in the world, as long as you have internet and a phone connection?

  • Do you have a project that you want to focus on?

Then this could be just the trip for you!

What's happening during our two weeks together?


  • Daily access to co-working spaces (shared workspaces) in Lisbon to work on your business or personal projects with a curated community of passionate women.

  • Pick your schedule to plan and to explore, but we hope that you will join us EACH DAY FOR OUR MASTERMIND GROUP

  • Lots of activities to learn new skills, attend workshops, community events and experience the city of Lisbon.

  • Weekly highlights include: Monday Focus,  Tuesday Skills,  Friday Brainstorming  sharing sessions.  Let's share our gifts with each other and gain a new perspective for our projects.  

Are you ready  to contribute your positive  inspiration to our small community of travelers? 

There are only 8 spots available. 

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Coworking Retreat Destinations in portugal

Lisbon with optional 3 day trip to Porto, Portugal

Lisbon Portugal travel digital nomad


Retreat dates 12 - 26 May 2019

Optional trip to Porto 

  • private accommodation in Lisbon 
  • daily coworking access 
  • SIM card for your own cell
  • group dinner or lunch each week
  • networking activities 

Lisbon with optional 4 day trip to the Algarve


5 - 19 OCTOBER, 2019

Early Bird pricing available until end of July

Optional trip to Lagos

  • private accommodation in Lisbon 
  • daily coworking access 
  • SIM card for your own cell
  • group lunch each week (2)
  • networking activities, community events and more. 
  • Wonderful coworking spaces (shared workspace) 


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